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Region Info Regions: U.S. East Coast North East Coast Gulf of Maine Massachusetts & RI Bays Mid-Atlantic Coast NY-NJ Bight & Long Island Sound Chesapeake & Delaware Bays South East Coast Carolina Coast Florida - Georgia Coast
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Satellite data are available for the following regions on a near real-time basis.

Full U.S. East Coast Ecological Zones Sub-Regions
East Coast region map East Coast ecozones map East Coast subregions map
EC: East Coast NE: North East Coast
MA: Mid-Atlantic Coast
SE: South East Coast
GM: Gulf of Maine
MR: Massachusetts & RI Bays
NL: NY-NJ Bight - Long Island Sound
CD: Chesapeake & Delaware Bays
OB: Outer Banks
CL: Carolina Coast
FG: Florida - Georgia Coast


Region Available Data & Images
East Coast
East Coast region map
North East Coast
Northeast region map
Gulf of Maine
Gulf of Maine region map
Massachusetts & RI Bays
MA and RI Bays region map
Mid-Atlantic Coast
Mid-Atlantic region map
NY-NJ Bight & Long Island Sound
NYB-LIS region map
Chesapeake & Delaware Bays
Chesapeake Bay region map
South East Coast
Southeast region map
Outer Banks
Outer Banks region map
    Outer Banks

    Direct Download: Data Files & Images
      MODIS Kd490 (NOAA/NESDIS coastal algorithm, 1km) OLCI Chlorophyll OLCI Kd490 OLCI Total Suspended Matter
Carolina Coast
Carolina Coast region map
Florida - Georgia Coast
FL-GA region map

East Coast Node filenaming convention
Sample shell script to download data from http directory tree
Latitude-Longitude file for each region

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